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Create course page.
Enrollment Code
Get enrollment code.
Attendance Manager
Manage attendance.
Taking attendance with Arkaive is simple. Once instructors activate the attendance check-in window, students can check into their classes using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
Geolocation AppGeolocation
Our geolocation technology recognizes if students are within the range of the geo-coordinates of the classroom when they check in.
AnalyticsData Analytics
Instructors can view the attendance data on their analytics page.
Excusal RequestsExcusal Request
Students can submit excusal requests with appropriate documentation.
Cold Call RandomCold Call
Based on the pool of check-ins, Arkaive draws and displays students' names for their active participation.
Flexible Check-inFlexible Check-In Time
Instructors can adjust the check-in time duration.
Data Editing and StorageData Editing and Storage
Instructors can edit and download all the attendance data.




  • Geolocation Check-in
  • View Real-Time Attendance Roster
  • Attendance Editing Tool
  • Cold Call
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Excusal Requests
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  • Geolocation Check-in
  • View Real-Time Attendance Roster
  • Attendance Editing Tool
  • Cold Call
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Excusal Requests
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  How do I create a course?

1. Click on the +New Course located at the top right corner of the main course page.

2. Fill in the blanks, following the instructions.

  How do I edit information for existing courses?

1. Click on the course you wish to edit details for.

2. Click on Manage Course.

3. Edit general course information by clicking on Edit Course. Make sure to save your edits by clicking on the Save button at the bottom.

4. To make changes to the existing schedule, click on the Schedules tab. Then click on Edit Schedule.

5. Make all the necessary changes. Then click Save.

  How do I add teaching assistants to my course?

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Select the course you wish to add assistants to.

3. Click on Manage Course.

4. Click on the Assistants tab.

5. Click on the Add Assistant button.

6. You should see a pull-down list of available assistants within your department that you can select.

7. Click on Save. Your assistant has now been added.

Repeat these steps to add multiple assistants to your course.

  Some of my students dropped my class. How do I delete their names from my class roster?

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Select the course you wish to edit your roster for.

3. Click on Manage Course.

4. Click on the Students tab.

5. Click on the X next to the name of the student you wish to remove from the course.

  How do I remove a course?
Click on the course you wish to remove. Then click Remove Course.
  Students are asking about the four-digit enrollment code to add the class. Where do I find this code?
To view the enrollment code, which students are required to enter to add the class, click on the course your students are enrolled in. The enrollment code is located on the top right, next to the course title and description.
  How do I check real-time attendance in class?

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Select the course you wish to view attendance for.

3. Click on View Attendance.

4. Under the schedule tab, click on today's class schedule.

5. Hit the refresh/reload button next to the navigation bar to see the most current attendance status of your students.

  How do I download the students' attendance data?

You can download all of your attendance data as CSV(comma-separated-value) files, which are imported into Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or Google Spreadsheets. To download attendance data of all your courses:

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Click on the Export Attendance button located at the top right.

To download attendance data of a specific course:

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Click on the class you wish to download the attendance data for.

3. Click on View Attednance.

4. Click on the Export button located above Schedule.

  How do I know if any students have requested excusals for absence?

If you have pending excusal requests from students, you will see a number notification next to the Excusals tab. Click on the Excusals tab. Under the Pending tab, you will see the pending excusal requests.

  A student has requested an excusal for an upcoming class. What do I do next?

Once a student requests an excusal, you can approve, disapprove or conditionally approve the request. To approve or disapprove the request:

1. Click on the Excusals tab.

2. Under the Pending tab, select the unresolved request. Once you have reviewed the request, click on the Approve or Disapprove button.

3. You may also Conditionally Approve the request if you would like the student to provide you with more details and/or documentation(e.g. doctor's note, job interview letter, etc.)

If you approve or conditionally approve the excusals, the attendance status will be marked as “Excused Absent.” If you disapprove the request and the student does not attend class, the attendance status will be marked as “Absent.”

  What are "Conditional Approvals"?

"Conditional Approvals" provide a way to give students approved excusals if they meet conditions specified by the instructor. If the student subsequently meets the specified conditions, instructors can change the status of the conditional approval to Approved (or Disapproved if the fail to meet the conditions).

To give a conditional approval:

1. Click on the Excusals tab on the main page.

2. Click on the Approve Conditionally button.

3. You will be presented with a field to specify, your condition(s). Your response will then be sent to the student.

4. The excusal will be available in the Conditionally Approved tab on the Excusals page.

  Can I send a message to students if they miss too many classes?

Yes, you can set a threshold number on the number of classes that a student can miss and send warning messages when a student is close to reaching the threshold.

To set the thresholds and warnings:

1. If you are creating a new course or editing an existing course, see Section 2: Alerts.

Check the box for Enable course Alerts.

3. Set the Warning Threshold: once a student's number of absences is approaching the warning threshold, a message will automatically be sent to the student.

Set the Maximum Threshold: another message will be sent to a student when his/her absences reaches the absence threshold.

You can specify what message(s) will be sent when absences reach the warning and maximum thresholds.

  How do I send messages to all of my students?

You can send message to all of your students in all your classes or to a particular class. To send a message:

1. Click on the Message section in the navigation bar.

2. The default option will be sending your message to all students. To limit this to a single course, click on the Course Selection pull down menu (it will initially be set al "All Courses").

3. Type your message and click Submit when you are ready.

  How much is the monthly subscription?
Arkaive's basic features are free to all professors and students. If you wish to upgrade to our premium services, our monthly subscription is $9.99/month.
  Is paying for Arkaive online safe?
Yes. Your credit card and financial information is not obtained or retained by the Arkaive website. Arkaive has a contractual agreement with a safe and reputable third-party payment processor, which receives your credit card payment information. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your existing subscription, please go to your Profile Page and click on Payment Options. You will see the Cancel Subscription button.

  How do I know when my subscription will end?

Information on your subscription period and the start date of the next billing period is available on your Profile Page, under Payment Options.

  How do I change/upgrade my credit card information?

Please go to Profile Page. Under Payment Options, you will see Edit Credit Card Info.

  Can I download Arkaive's attendance app on my smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately, Arkaive's mobile app is for students only. Instructors, however, have full access to our services on the web. Please log into your account on

  Is Arkaive FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliant?

Yes, it is. Our FERPA compliance is included in our Privacy Policy:

  Where can I view Arkaive's Terms of Use?

To view our Terms of Use, please click on the following link:

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