How It Works
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Create a course page.
Enrollment Code
Enrollment code is generated.
Check in
Manage attendance.
Taking attendance with Arkaive is simple.
Once instructors activate the attendance check-in window,
students can check into their classes using their smart phones, tables, or laptops.
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Geolocation Check-In
Students must be within the range of the geo-coordinates of the classroom to check in.
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Data Analytics
Instructors can view the attendance data on their dashboard.
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Excusal Request
Students can submit excusal requests with supporting documentation.
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Cold Call
To help encourage students’ active class participation, instructors can cold call on students.
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Adjustable Check-In Time
Instructors can adjust the check-in time duration.
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Data Editing & Storage
Instructors can edit and download attendance data as CSV files.
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  • Helping Students with Registration
  • Course Creation
  • Course Management
  • Tracking Attendance
  • Excusal Request
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  • Privacy
  It says that the email I entered to sign up is not permitted.

1. The email address you entered is probably not a university email address. To register, you must use your university email ending in .edu (e.g.

2. Your institution might not be in our system yet. Please contact us at to have your institution entered in our system.

  Can I download Arkaive's attendance app on my smartphone or tablet?
Arkaive's mobile app is for students only. Instructors are required to log in on our website:
  What instructions should I give my students on the first day?

If students are using their mobile phones:

1. Download Arkaive from the App Store. Our mobile app is available for iOS or go to on your mobile device.

2. Create an account.

3. Enter the four-digit enrollment code. Instructors can see this code on the top right when they click on the course.

4. Make sure that the location setting is enabled.

If students are using laptops:

1. Go to

2. Create an account.

3. Enter the four-digit enrollment code. Instructors can see this code on the top right when they click on the course.

4. Make sure that the location setting is enabled.

  How do I create a course?
Click on the +New Course button on your dashboard. Fill in the required fields, following the instructions.
  How do I edit information for the courses I have created?

1. Select the course you wish to edit.

2. Click Manage Course.

3. Click Edit Course and make any necessary edits. Make sure you click Save at the end.

4. To make changes to the existing schedule, click on the Schedules tab. Then click Edit Schedule. Make all the necessary changes. Then click Save.

  How do I add teaching assistant to my course?

1. Select the course you wish to add your teaching assistants to.

2. Click Manage Course.

3. Click on the Teaching Assistants tab. Then click Add Assistant.

4. Enter your teaching assistant’s e-mail registered with Arkaive. Please make sure that your teaching assistant has created a student account with Arkaive. The assistant’s name will pop up once you enter the e-mail. Click Save. Repeat the steps to add multiple assistants to your course.

  Some of my students dropped my class. How do I remove their names from the roster?

1. Select course you wish to edit.

2. Click View Students.

3. Click on the Delete icon on the far right column for the student(s) you wish to remove.

  I would like to remove courses from previous academic terms. How do I delete them?

1. Click Contact Us on the left sidebar menu.

2. Fill out the section: Course needs to be deleted.

  How do I check real-time attendance?

1. Click on the course.

2. Click View Attendance.

3. Click on the Edit icon for today’s date.

4. Refresh/reload the page every time you wish to view your students’ real-time attendance.

  How do I download the students’ attendance data?

1. Click Reports on the left sidebar menu.

2. Select a course you wish to download the attendance report. Then click Export. The report will be exported as CSV (comma-separated-value) files.

  How do I know if my students have requested excusals for absence?
Click Excusal Request on the left sidebar menu. Under the Pending tab, you will see your students’ excusal requests. Click each request to either approve or disapprove the absence.
  What is a Conditional Approval?
Our Conditional Approval option allows the instructors to request their students for further documentation. If the students subsequently meets the specified conditions, instructors can change the status of the conditional approval to Approved (or Disapproved if the fail to meet the conditions).
  Is Arkaive free for instructors?

Yes, our product is free for the instructors.

  Is Arkaive free for students?

All the basic features, including check in and excusal request, are free for the students. To view their own attendance records, students are required to upgrade their accounts with $0.99 monthly subscription fee.

  Can the school/department pay for students’ subscription fee to allow them to access their attendance data?

Yes, Arkaive provides licensing to schools/departments. Under this licensing, any student taking classes within the school/department will have access to his or her attendance records for these specific classes. For pricing, please contact

  Does Arkaive comply to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)?

Yes, Arkaive is FERPA compliant. Our FERPA compliance is included in our Privacy Policy:

  Where can I view Arkaive’s Terms of Use?

To view our Terms of Use, please click on the following link: