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and enable location.
Enrollment Code
Enter enrollment code.
Check in
Check into your class.
Checking into class with Arkaive is simple. Once instructors activate the attendance check-in window, students can check into their classes using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
Using your phone’s geolocation, you can easily check into class with one click.
ExcusalsExcusal Request
Need to miss class? Submit an excusal request to your professor in advance.
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  It says that the email I entered to sign up is not permitted.
The email address you entered is probably not a university email address. To register, you must use your university email (e.g.
  I cannot check into my class.
Here are some possible reasons:
Your professor has not activated the class attendance yet. Wait until the professor opens the attendance check-in time window. Make sure to refresh or reload the page.
Your location service might not be on. If you are using a smartphone, go to your phone settings, click on the Arkaive tab, and enable the location service. If you are using a computer, make sure that you are allowing the location access.
Your Internet connection or network might not be strong. Refresh the connection or choose another network with a strong connection.
  I can't find the course.
You may have entered the wrong course code for registration. Please verify you have entered the correct enrollment code provided by your professor.
  I just requested an excusal. Now what?
The excusal request will be sent to your professor. The professor will either approve or decline your request. You will get a notification in the Announcement tab when they respond.
  How do I change my password?
Go to My Profile. Under Password Credentials, type in your current password and your new password twice, then press Update Password.
  I forgot my username and/or password.
Your user name should be your university email address. If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot Password? button to retrieve your password.
  How do I view my attendance?
Choose the course you wish to view your attendance for. Click View Attendance. You will see your attendance history for the class.
  I attended class, but forgot to check-in. Is there any way to change the attendance record?
Contact the professor to have your attendance record edited and updated.
  How do I remove a course?
Click on the course you wish to remove. Then click Remove Course.