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and enable location.
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Enter the enrollment code.
Check in
Check into class.
Checking into class with Arkaive is simple.
Once instructors activate the attendance check-in window,
students can check into their classes using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
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Geolocation Check-In
Once location is enabled on their devices. Students can easily check into their classes.
Enrollment Code
Excusal Request
Students can submit excusal requests to their professors when they need to miss their classes.
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Attendance History
Students can view their own attendance records.
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  • Checking in
  • Viewing and Managing Attendance
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  • Profile, Password, Course List
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  The email I entered to sign up is not permitted.
The email address you entered is not a university email address. To register, you must use your university email ending in .edu (e.g.
  What is a four-digit enrollment code?
This is the code that allow you to add the course to your course list. Please consult your instructor to obtain this code.
  I cannot check into my class.

Here are some possible reasons:

1. Your location service might not be on. Go to your setting and enable the location service.

2. The Internet connection or network your device is connected to might not be strong. Refresh the connection or choose a different network. Then force quit and reopen your app.

3. Your instructor may not have activated the system yet. Wait until the instructor opens the check-in window for you. Make sure to reload the page.

  I attended class, but I forgot to check-in. Is there any way to change my attendance record?
Contact your instructor to have your attendance status edited and updated.
  How do I view my attendance?
To access your attendance data, upgrade your account and unlock our attendance viewer with $0.99/month. Once you have upgraded your account, click the “View Attendance” button to access your attendance data. Please note that you can upgrade your account on the mobile app only.
  I won’t be in class. How can I let my instructor know?
You can submit an excusal request on any of your devices. Click on “Request Excusal” and select the date of your absence.
  I just requested an excusal. Now what?
The excusal request will be sent to your instructor. The instructor will either approve or disapprove your request. You will get a notification in the Announcement tab.
  How much is the monthly subscription to view my attendance?
The monthly subscription is $0.99.
  Is paying for Arkaive safe?
Yes. Your credit card and financial information is not obtained or retained by the Arkaive website. Arkaive has a contractual agreement with a safe and reputable third-party payment processor, which receives your credit card payment information.
  How do I cancel my subscription?
If you are an iPhone user, please follow the instructions here: Here
If you are an Android device user, please follow the instructions here: Here
  How do I change my password?
Go to My Profile. Under Password Credentials, type in your current password and your new password twice. Then press Update Password.
  I forgot my username and/or password.
Your user name should be your university email address. If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot Password? button to retrieve your password.
  I have dropped my class. How do I remove a course?
Click on the course you wish to remove. Then click Remove Course. Please note that once you remove your course, all the attendance records for the course will NOT be retrieved.
  Does Arkaive comply to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)?
Yes, Arkaive is FERPA compliant. Our FERPA compliance is included in our Privacy Policy:
  Where can I view Arkaive’s Terms of Use?
To view our Terms of Use, please click on the following link: