Arkaive transforms the culture and environment of education with innovative technology and easy-to-use products.
We make academic data management easy and simple at our users' fingertips.

Our Values
We strive to make a positive change in education. By providing students and educators with the easy and convenient education management systems, we help our users actively engage themselves in planning, navigating, and executing their academic goals on our platform. It is our goal to bring both students and educators together to become active producers of education, rather than passive consumers, and empower each other.
As members of the global community, it is our mission to promote diversity and move our world forward. Instead of imposing limited societal structures and regurgitating homogenous values that have long been enforced, we strive to connect the world in all directions. It is our duty to foster a multi-cultural learning environment.
We believe that participatory education is not only a valuable pedagogy, but also the key to empowerment. By providing valuable resources, we put our students at the center of the learning process.